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title: time
author: elizabethfaye09 
disclaimer: inception belongs to christopher nolan's brilliant mind. im just playing in the sandbox.
rating: g
fandom: inception
pairing/characters: arthur, arthur/eames (implied)
author's note: this is my first time writing for the inception fandom. also my first eames/arthur fanfic. please, go easy on me :). or at least leave nice comments. i love comments! they're greatly appreciated.




time  (taɪm)




a. the continuous passage of existence in which events pass from a state of potentiality in the future, through the present, to a state of finality in the past



It has no meaning to you anymore. You wake up and you dress and you go to the warehouse to do more experiments with Yusuf’s sedative and the dream world, and you just go through the motions.

Time passes. You don’t seem to notice anymore. To you, every day and every night blur together until every hour, minute, and second become a blu and you don’t notice as one day passes into the next. You never notice anymore. Instead you hold onto your loaded red die, fingers pressing into dented white dots, and you just exist.

You exist in reality and you exist in dreams. But even those become faded and distant. Time does not matter in reality. Time does not matter in dreams; time slows down in dreams. It gets to the point where you wonder if your reality is your dream or vice versa. So you just exist. You go through the day to day motions until you can’t think straight.

Time keeps going whether the world can keep up or not. Time keeps going on in a continuous loop of sundaymondaytuesdaywednesdaythursdayfridaysaturday. Sometimes you think that maybe the days are getting ahead of you but you just can’t keep up anymore. Sometimes it feels like you’re moving in slow motion while the seconds tick by in a blur of day-to-day life.

You think that maybe, one day, you’ll be able to sit down and get your head back on straight and put yourself back together. One day time will slow down for you and allow you a moment to think and to breathe and to exist in more than one sense.

“Arthur, darling, you coming?”

You smile. The warehouse must be empty. You didn’t notice everyone leaving. He doesn’t have to ask you twice. He knows you’re going home with him. At least then, for a few hours, you’ll be happy.

Until then you will let time pass on by in a blur.

Title: What Is, and What Should Never Be (5/?)
Chapter Title: Breaks My Heart
Rating: R
Disclaimer: i own none of this!
Summary: "The only problem, Adam realizes, is that there's nowhere else to go from here."
Warnings: some dark elements, some angst, crossover.
Author's Notes: thanks for everyone that's reading and leaving feedback. much appreciation. this chapter is a little bit filler in a way. but it's leading up to bigger things, too. enjoy! :)
Betas: fasciculations  and dirtysdead 


The next morning Kris rolls over a little too far and flails all the way to the floor. Groaning he pushes himself to his elbows, blinking rapidly. The sun is shining brightly through the dusty curtains and it’s warm on his face. He smiles and imagines waking up in Adam’s house, in Adam’s enormous bed with too many pillows. He can see himself going to the kitchen to fix breakfast only to find Adam cooking already, and failing miserably. He can imagine his entire day with Adam where everything is normal and fine, days that they used to have before it all changed.

When he opens his eyes the image is shattered and he’s still on the floor, sun becoming too hot on his face, smile gone. Kris sighs as he gets to his feet and crawls back under the covers even though the heat of the early morning is already stifling coming through the window and filling the room up. Adam is still sleeping, seemingly peaceful, but Kris knows about the nightmares. If it weren’t for the way Adam’s eyes were restless under the lids then Kris would think that everything was fine.

Kris tucks himself back into the spot against Adam’s side that everyone says is fit just for him and him alone. At least he still has this; the comfort of Adam so near and by his side through everything. He closes his eyes, breathes deep…makes another impossible wish. The times Adam is sleeping are the times Kris allows himself to think and worry.

Katy, Lily, Mom and Dad, Daniel, the band….The list could go on and on and on in his mind about how many people he’s worried sick over. After it all went down cell phones became crap and regular phones didn’t work; internet pretty much ceased to exist. The one news channel that was able to keep the connection--but barely--said that electricity all the over world cut off when the big event happened. So he abandoned all hope of getting in touch. Kris remembers that Adam cried when he found out he couldn’t get in touch with his parents who were on their way to their respective homes when it happened. It hurt to watch but there was nothing either of them could do.

There’s a soft murmur of his name and then Kris is being pinned down by Adam’s arm. “Morning.” Adam gives Kris a sleepy smile, kisses his cheek, and pulls Kris to him. “What time is it?”

“Unless that clock is wrong,” Kris glances at the digital alarm clock behind Adam, “then it’s almost seven-thirty.” Adam groans at that and buries his entire body underneath the covers, making Kris come with him. “We need to get up, try to find somewhere else to go. We can’t stay here forever.”

“Why not?” Adam whines pitifully. He sighs into Kris’s t-shirt but throws the blankets off anyway. Kris grins at him and rolls out of the bed. He doesn’t make it very far before Adam is grabbing his wrist and pulling him down for a quick kiss.

Gunshots ring outside, just less than half a mile away, at least, and instantly the mood deflates. Kris tries to smile for Adam’s sake and Adam does the same, though neither of them can quite get it to work. Adam shrugs, staring out the window now, eyes sad and mouth turned down in a frown.

“Come on,” Kris says and starts pulling on his clothes.


Only two hours later they’re left alone in the house. Dean and Sam left for some abandoned grocery store a mile away that they found on patrol one day, leaving Kris and Adam to fend for themselves once again. It’s not like they haven’t been doing that since day one.

“I wonder whose house this was,” Adam wonders out loud as he looks at all the worn furniture, the abstract paintings that don’t go with the wallpaper at all. Adam glances at Kris out of the corner or his eyes. He’s drawn and quiet, more so than usual, and to be honest Adam is kind of scared. He’s the drama queen in this relationship. He should be the one sulking and worrying constantly about everything and everyone. Not Kris. Kris has been the one to keep them together and sane for a week now. “Kris?” Adam steps away from the weird painting he was not really looking at and steps up behind Kris.


“You okay?” Kris stiffens when Adam places his hands on tense shoulders. Kris visibly deflates and then he’s turning, flinging himself into Adam’s arms and holding on tightly. He sighs into Adam’s neck and Adam frowns. “Talk to me.”

“I’m just…you know me, always thinking. While you were still sleeping this morning I started going over the list in my head.”

“The list?” Adam almost doesn’t want to know what Kris is talking about.

Kris sighs again. “The list of people I’m worried to death about. It’s driving me insane, Adam.” Kris sniffles and rubs his face against Adam’s shirt. Adam scrunches his nose up at the thought of Kris boogers on his shirt but it quickly fades and he’s leading Kris over to the couch.

Adam sits first then pats his lap. Kris smiles, small but there, and crawls onto the couch until his head is in Adam’s lap and his legs are thrown over the arm of the couch. He shifts around until he’s comfortable enough, and then he starts talking. Adam listens intently as Kris spills most of what he’s feeling, gives input where needed. This is comfortable, talking like this, because they used to do it all the time on Idol. Although it’s different now, the time and place, it still feels the same.

Suddenly the front door bursts open. Adam jumps and Kris falls to the floor for the second time since that morning. He grumbles but goes quiet when Adam shushes him with a finger. Adam points to the hallway leading from the front door to some of the other rooms and Kris can see the shadow. It’s too tall and skinny to be Sam, not muscular enough or short enough to be Dean. So it must be someone—or something—else.

Adam helps Kris to his feet and together they tip-toe to the bedroom and shut the door with a quiet click. Adam locks the door then grabs Kris’s hand and they hurry to the closet. Kris gives him an odd look but doesn’t question it. The lock on the door doesn’t hold back whoever is out there, though, because a moment later it’s busted open.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

 The voice is teasing with an undertone of danger. Adam peeks through the slats of the door, searching for the intruder. There, by the dresser, and his eyes go wide once he sees that their eyes are pitch black and dangerous. It’s a guy, and there’s a girl with him who’s only about sixteen it looks like, and they’re looking.

Adam has to bite his lip to keep from breathing too hard and too fast when they step closer to the closet. Kris is looking out through the slats now and he’s seen them, too. His expression is that of worry and fear, the normal look for him recently. Adam is scared yet he tries to stay brave for Kris when the time calls for it.

Adam watches the pair as Kris crowds himself into the nearest corner of the closet. He tucks himself underneath all the hanging clothes and the shoes and various other items until all that Adam can see when he glances down is the toes of his beat-up Chuck Taylor’s. Adam tries for a small smile but it comes out as more of a grimace. There’s nothing to really smile about right now.

Suddenly the door flings open, hitting the wall behind it hard. Adam freezes on the spot. “Gotcha,” the girl snickers and reaches a hand out towards Adam. Her nails are dirtied and her skin is bronzed from the sun. Her fingers twist in his shirt too tightly and she drags him out forcefully. “We knew the Winchesters were hiding two other guys but we didn’t know how pretty they are.” Her black eyes roam Adam’s body and he closes his eyes and prays.

“Let him go!” Kris shouts and he’s shoving his way through all the clothes and out into the open. He swings a punch at the girl’s face but it doesn’t connect. The big, burly male grabs Kris by the wrist and yanks him forward, a dirty hand flashing to his throat. He pushes Kris’s head from side to side as if examining him, a smirk on his lips as he does so. “Let us go,” Kris spits and kicks out, one foot connecting with a knee.

“He’s pretty, too, Missy. And feisty. I like him.”

“Kris just shut up,” Adam hisses in a warning tone. He can see the brief flash of anger in Kris’s eyes. It almost hurts to see it but if they want to live they have to be quiet and good.

“Gonna take ‘em home, Ben?” Missy grins wickedly.

“Let us go. Please?” Kris begs, ignoring the glare Adam is sending his way.

Ben clucks his tongue disapprovingly and his hold on Kris’s throat tightens. “Let you go? Why would we do that when we can play?” Kris gasps for air but it’s no use. Ben’s grip is strong, inhuman, and it’s clear to Kris that there won’t be any playing. He and Adam will either make it out alive or they won’t make it out at all.


The safety on a gun is clicked back. Ben smirks before dropping Kris to the ground and spinning around to face Dean. “Look, Missy, we have a visitor.” Missy laughs high and tinny, let’s go of Adam’s shirt, and joins Ben.

Adam crawls over to Kris who’s slumped against the wall panting, eyes wide. He lightly touches Kris’s flushed cheek, silently asking if he’s okay. Kris only nods and looks away. Adam pays no notice and helps Kris to his feet. He blocks out the exchange going on behind them, Dean’s heated words, Ben and Missy’s mocking laughs.

“It’s time for you to leave,” Dean growls and pulls the trigger. Missy’s screams die off as she fades into a puff of black smoke and disappears. Ben doesn’t give Dean time to shoot again before he, too, disappears.

Then the room goes silent. It’s an awful silence; awkward and so tense that Adam wants to say something to break it. Dean just stares at them, anger in his eyes and something else that Adam can’t really place.

Adam watches Dean toss the gun to the bed, turn on his heel, and march out of the room. Kris is breathing heavily beside him, one hand twisted in Adam’s shirt tightly until the spin-dizzy feeling goes away. “Kr-“ Kris pushes away from Adam, holding up a hand to silence him.

“Adam, please.” Kris closes his eyes, breathes in, breathes out, then he’s leaving the room.

Adam mutters under his breath and follows, wondering what the fuck he did wrong this time. Is it really so bad that he told Kris to shut up? They could have died if he hadn’t of kept his mouth shut. A week of surviving things like them should have taught him that already. Open your mouth and you could be gone, just like that.

Adam shakes his head to clear it of those thoughts. Maybe he’s not thinking clearly. It’s the heat or it’s the adrenaline. He’s still running on a high from another run in and it’s making him think things he doesn’t want to think. “Yeah, that’s it,” he mumbles to himself. Kris gives him an odd look over his shoulder. “Nothing.” Kris shrugs.

When they come into the kitchen Dean is ready with angry words. “You two need to learn to be more fucking careful!” He starts slinging things into the open refrigerator. Adam hardly noticed the plastic bags full of stuff. “They could’ve killed you!”

Kris huffs and plops himself into one of the kitchen chairs. Adam rolls his eyes. “It’s not our fault they came here. They were looking for you two, it seemed. But they found us instead.” He can feel a headache forming behind his eyes.

“That doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter if they were looking for us or just random people. Either way, they’re out to kill anybody that’s left. You two are lucky.” Dean slams the door shut. “Next time, rockstar, I won’t be so nice. I might just let them take you.”

“Well fine! We’ll leave!” Adam shouts and stomps back to the bedroom. “Sorry for being so much fucking trouble!” he adds for good measure. He doesn’t know what he’s doing back in the bedroom since there’s nothing for him to pack or shove in his pockets. He’d lost his rings three days ago, his necklace the day it happened, so there was nothing left but the clothes of a stranger on his back.

If they don’t want us here that’s just fine, he thinks as he sits on the bed and shoves his feet into his boots. We’ll leave and they’ll never have to see us again!

The only problem, Adam realizes, is that there’s nowhere else to go from here.

Title: What Is, and What Should Never Be (4/?)
Chapter Title: Broken Pieces
Author: elizabethfaye09 
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!
Summary: "Kris jumps, startled away from another nightmare."
Warnings: some dark elements, some angst, set in august/september 2011
Author's Notes: thank you for the feedback. much appreciation.
Betas: fasciculations  and dirtysdead 


As the ground shakes Adam reaches for Kris. But the crack is getting bigger and bigger, and things they’ve only seen on the news are spilling out at their feet. Kris’s eyes are widened with fright and Adam can’t reach him. The air is filled, suddenly, with loud shouts of what seems to be victory.

They’re free and they are telling the world.

Then shouts of terror, shouts of pain, take over. Adam looks around and he can see people running from their houses as the ground continues to split and more black smoke seeps out of the cracks. It’s terrifying but he keeps reaching, hoping that he won’t lose Kris because he just—he can’t. Kris is shouting something yet Adam can’t hear it over the craziness that’s going on around them.

Another shake and he’s tumbling backwards, hitting the ground too hard. He rolls away from a tendril of black smoke hovering above him just in time. It bypasses him and flies through the crumpling security gate. More of it keeps coming, flying past his head and into the neighborhood where people continue to scream and run. Running is no use, though.

“Adam!” Adam finds Kris standing on the remaining doorstep holding onto what’s left of the doorframe. “Come on, we can get inside!”

Adam pushes himself to his feet, staring at the gap in the ground warily. He can’t make that. So instead he sends Kris a look, a silent “I’ll find you, go.” There’s a shake more violent than the first and all that followed, and sends Adam sprawling back to the ground. Then three wisps of smoke are pressing all around him and one of them wraps around his throat, cutting off his air supply. He struggles but he can’t get away. He’s being lifted into the air in a matter of seconds and for a moment, as he’s being dragged away to who knows where, he gets a glimpse of everything he’s leaving behind.

Adam’s house, his big gorgeous house, is falling to pieces where it’s split down the middle. He can see inside, the foyer he thinks, and the tons of picture frames along the walls; they’re hitting the floor and breaking. Everything’s falling to pieces, turning into nothing but rubble and dust clouds. He’s getting farther and farther away but he can still make out Kris, standing there holding onto the doorframe like his life depends on it—and really it does—and he’s scared. Adam can see the fear even from this far away; all the way up in the sky and across the street.

Kris is calling his name. Adam can barely make it out over the horrible noises down below but just like everything else that is Kris, Adam is attuned to his voice. He could hear that voice anywhere, anytime, whether it is over the phone or in a crowded room. It hurts to breathe now, to try and gasp in air. He keeps his eyes on Kris though.

And then, Kris is gone and Adam is seeing nothing.


Eventually the ground stops shaking. For a moment everything is silent and it’s as if nothing happened. But the rubble and dead bodies Kris can see betray that. He pokes his head out of his hiding spot farther and sees none of the black smoke and no more people with black eyes walking around. He thinks its safe enough so he crawls out, his legs aching from being in a cramped space for so long. He dusts his pants off though it doesn’t do much good.

Kris pushes away the nausea as he makes his way through the rubble and to the house. Most of it is in pieces, ruined and broken, but what is left is barely holding on. The urge to cry is pretty great right now. He won’t until he finds Adam and they can get out of this mess. He looks around once more before taking off for the house. How he ended up so far away is beyond him. He barely remembers running, barely remembers his feet moving after he saw Adam taken away from him.

It seems to take forever to get to the space where the front door used to be. Kris, panting in the intense heat of the day, finally finds a way inside the destroyed house. He steps around all the ceiling plaster and the broken picture frames. The stairs are no more so he opts out of getting upstairs. “Adam!” he yells, hoping that maybe Adam found his way back while Kris was hiding. But he knows Adam isn’t there. The chances of Adam even being alive are slim, he knows that, and he can’t believe it.

Adam is a fighter, has been all his life, so Kris isn’t going to give up on him. Kris finds the kitchen door to his left and hurries through. The sink and the dishwasher both are leaking water, the refrigerator is cracked all over, the island in the middle of the room is covered in dust and ceiling tiles. He can barely make out the morning paper still open where he’d left it this morning and then Adam had come in and distracted him with the promise of sex and then coffee. The coffee mug he had been given is still sitting next to the sink, waiting to be washed.

Everything is left as if nothing had happened.

Kris wants to believe that nothing has happened. He shakes the thought from his head; what’s the use of making himself believe it’s all a fluke? He squeezes his eyes shut for a moment then he’s running back the way he came. He can’t see the rest of the house. He can’t put himself through that. He has to find Adam.

Outside he nearly burns up from the heat so he strips his blazer off and tosses it aside. While he runs, Kris yanks out his cell phone, sees there’s no service at all, and angrily shoves it back in his pocket. There are still a few people left alive and they’re shouting for help. He ignores them and keeps running, until a little girl no older than eight trips over a crack in the ground only a couple of feet in front of him. He stops; breathing labored, and watches her pick herself back up.

She starts shouting for her mommy and for her daddy while clutching a teddy bear to her chest. She turns her head, stares at Kris with big teary eyes. Kris can see they’re a deep brown, a lot like Lily’s. “Where’s my mommy and daddy?” she whimpers. Kris shakes his head and she starts to cry. Big, fat tears roll through the dirt on her cheeks and she buries her face into her teddy bear.

“I…I-I can’t, I’m sorry.”

 So he turns his head and runs the opposite direction.


Kris jumps, startled awake from another nightmare. It’s his fifth one since they found themselves alone in what used to be the outskirts of Los Angeles. He rubs at his eyes. The contacts he’s forgotten about for a few hours now are dry and itchy but he hasn’t had his glasses for over a week now.

“What’s wrong?” Adam whispers into the dark. An arm wraps around Kris’s waist and Adam is tugging until they’re flush together in the middle of the bed. Kris thought that a bed would help him sleep better but so far Adam is the only one that has slept better tonight.

“Another nightmare,” Kris whispers back. He turns until he’s facing Adam, Adam’s arm still around his waist protectively.

“About what?”

Kris shakes his head. Adam knows what. He’s told Adam about the nightmare every time it’s happened. This time, though, he can’t bring himself to repeat it. So he settles for pushing forward and pressing their lips together, a silent plea to be quiet and not bring the issue up again. Adam sighs into the kiss. It gets a little rough and desperate, and Kris finds himself underneath Adam soon enough. He’s missed this quiet intimacy the past few days.

Kris breaks away gasping for air. “We can’t.” But Adam is nothing if not persistent. While Kris tells him why they can’t go any farther, Adam trails kisses along soft skin, keeps going down until his lips are at Kris’s collarbone where he sucks a mark that is already blossoming red. “Adam, stop.” Kris tugs at Adam’s hair; it’s still soft from the shower that they both found out doesn’t work very well, but it feels nice.

Adam groans out his protest but stops. “Sorry.” He presses one last kiss into the hollow of Kris’s throat then settles back down beside him. Kris sighs and throws an arm over his eyes. “Have you slept much tonight?” Adam asks. He traces patterns into Kris’s side softly. Kris squirms in a feeble attempt to get away.

“Not really, no,” he answers as he scoots down under the blankets until there’s nothing but his eyes and above poking out. He plasters himself to Adam’s side for comfort and warmth, lets Adam pet his mussed up hair until he’s drowsy. He can’t see much in the darkness but he knows Adam is probably smiling and staring at the ceiling. He’s done it before back when Kris came home from his first tour and was so tired but couldn’t go to sleep. Just the comfort of being so close and the soothing sensation of Adam playing with his hair had Kris asleep in minutes.

“Relax while we have the chance to. By morning time it’ll be hot and sticky again, the air conditioner in this place probably doesn’t work, Dean will be bitching at me again, Sam will be moping around, an-Kris?”

Kris is fast asleep.

Title: Time to be Mine (Sequel to this: http://mywritings09.livejournal.com/8480.html) Author: [info]elizabethfaye09  Rating: NC-17 Disclaimer: i own NOOOOTHING! Summary: Tommy goes back. Warnings: bondage, vampire stuff, boy sexing. i think that's it. Author's Notes: *sigh* i've turned into a monster. this is so much longer than i thought it would be. over 3000 words (!!) and it's definitely the most nc-17 i've ever written. im quite proud of myself if i do say so myself. thanks for all the love on "don't ask, don't tell" comments are greatly appreciated! :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

It’s Friday night, Tommy’s now scheduled night to go in, get totally fucked up, and just enjoy himself. The itch of withdrawal has been a prominent annoyance all week and that pull at the back of his mind hasn’t gone away. But he’s here and she’s there, waiting, once again.

“Not tonight baby.”

Confused, Tommy follows her through a door that his consciousness is telling him he knows. But he’s still confused as she flashes him a quick smile and leaves, the door slamming behind her. He doesn’t know what he’s supposed to be doing here in this room and why he’s in it. He tries the door handle and finds that it’s locked. Now he really doesn’t want to be here.

Tommy sighs and decides he might as well look around if he’s going to be here a while. The room is darkened but not so much that seeing is nearly impossible. Another door is at the back, subtle but there, and he wonders where it leads to. Cuffs line the wall in the back and fine chairs that probably cost more than his apartment are set up near a mini-bar. It looks like something that ought to belong in the Victorian era.

“Where am I?” he mutters to himself. He starts walking around, first to the bar where he finds nothing worth opening right now, then to the chairs where he sits and tries but fails to get comfortable; they look nice but they don’t feel nice.

While he sits he looks through an old fashioned metal cabinet situated near the set of chairs. It’s cool against his fingertips when he slides out the first drawer and sets it in his lap. He has a feeling he shouldn’t be looking through this but he’s doing it anyway and he doesn’t care. If he’s going to be dragged into a room he doesn’t know but should know then he’s going to snoop; for a clue at least. Inside are small vials of dark liquids. The first one he picks up he can smell right away.

Almost immediately he feels the effects: wooziness, the floating-on-a-cloud feeling. It must be their saliva. He knows that’s where most of the stuff comes from, the stuff that makes humans high and drugged out when bitten. Even the smell has effects on them. He puts it away and picks up the next bottle. This one is darker, thicker looking.

What kinda creep show they got back here, Tommy wonders as he screws the cap off the bottle and sniffs it. Metallic, tangy, sharp. Blood. He scrunches his nose up in distaste. He’ll never understand the taste for it unless he…changes. It makes him shudder just to think about it.

“What’re you doing?!”

The sharp question has Tommy jumping and dropping the drawer full of bottles. The bottle in his hand hits the ground next to the drawer and shatters, blood seeping out and into the cracks. He bolts out of the chair, trying for the door, but whoever it is that spoke is standing there.

Tommy flinches at the intensity of that gaze, even from the shadows. But he’s not staring at Tommy. No. He’s staring at the pooling liquid on the floor, all of the broken bottles mixing together now. His nostrils flare and then he’s flinching, too.

“I-I’m sorry. I was just looking,” Tommy splutters out as he tries to get around to the door. A hand slams the door shut, though, so he can’t leave. He backs up, trips over a chair, almost hits the floor but manages to catch himself.

The guy steps into the light, allowing Tommy the chance to finally see. And, suddenly, that pull at the back of his mind is going spastic and fuck it’s making his head hurt. He knows that dark hair and that tall stature and those icy blue eyes. He knows them but he can’t place them. “Don’t I know you?” he blurts out.

A musical laugh and then, with a muttered “Yes, yes you do,” he’s standing in front of Tommy and grabbing the front of his shirt. Tommy’s toes are barely brushing the ground.

“Just because I’m little doesn’t mean you can manhandle me like this,” Tommy protests and kicks out, trying his best to get out of the grip on his shirt. It doesn’t work and he finds himself against a cold, hard wall in a second. He’ll never get used to how fast they can move; so fluid and graceful.

“Hold still. This might sting a bit.”

Before he can protest some more teeth are sinking into his neck painfully slow. It hurts and it’s messy but Tommy can already feel the effects of the drugs kicking in. Soon enough he’s strung out and floating on a cloud, eyes droopy and his heart beating slow. He’s pliant, practically putty in the hands of a stranger, and he lets himself be maneuvered…somewhere.

This time, when the teeth sink back in below the first bite, Tommy passes out.


The first thing Tommy registers is that his head hurts, a lot. But there’s an ache in his shoulders that’s bordering on worse. The second thing, or things really, is that he’s naked from the waist up, no shoes and socks are on his feet, it’s cold, and he’s still a little high.

He jerks his arms, finds that his wrists are cuffed to a pair hanging from the wall. “Hello?” he calls out. This is frustrating. He came here for his usual, got thrown into a room he might know, and now he’s cuffed to a wall. He huffs loudly and hopes that maybe someone is in the room with him.

“OH good. You’re awake!”

Tommy glares and, really, it would be more effective if his dick wasn’t suddenly interested in the prospect of being tied up and played with. “Unless you plan on doing something, can you let me go? Please?” He wiggles around but that only makes his shoulders ache more.

But there’s no answer. Instead he’s being stared down by a gaze so intense it almost hurts. And, for a moment, he remembers. Adam. His eyes go comically wide as he remembers last Friday and the confusing, amazing, wonderful time he had. He remembers Adam telling him to forget. No wonder he’s had a headache from trying so much all week. He wasn’t supposed to but now…

“You remember don’t you?”

Adam stalks forward, a predatory tilt to his smile. Tommy sucks in a breath when cool air ghosts over his torso. Adam continues to smile as he drags his tongue along Tommy’s skin, over his shoulder, up his neck, and stopping at his ear. He doesn’t mean to lean into it, hoping for more from Adam, but he’s only lying to himself. He wants a lot more.

“Yeah, I remember. Now can you fucking let me down?” Tommy jerks the cuffs for emphasis. Adam laughs. A shiver runs down Tommy’s spine at how cool Adam’s breath is. His jeans get a little tighter.

Adam ignores him, then, and starts talking. “I remember when you were dragged in for the first time two months ago. So innocent-looking and so, so pretty.” He pulls back, but not before flicking the tip of his tongue against one of Tommy’s earrings. Tommy watches as he leisurely takes off the black coat to reveal more black clothing.

“I’m not pretty,” Tommy mutters, face screwed up like a defiant little kid’s. Adam smirks and starts working on the buttons of his shirt, staring at Tommy the entire time.

“You are pretty,” Adam comments. “That first time you were brought into my club I knew you’d be coming back. So I waited, and I waited, for the right moment to try you out.” Adam looks thoughtful for a moment. “But I wanted this, too.”

Tommy struggles with the cuffs but he can’t deny the fact that listening to Adam talk about him like that is getting him even more aroused. He pushes his hips in the general direction of Adam, a small whimper escaping past his lips. “Please,” he moans. He doesn’t know where this is coming from but at the moment he doesn’t care.

Adam stops with the shirt buttons and instead stuffs his hands in his pockets and leans against the wall next to Tommy, staring. Tommy takes in the sight of Adam unbuttoned and still looking as casual as ever. But Tommy knows better. A small smile quirks up the corners of Adam’s lips as he reaches out to trace his jaw, feather-light and soft.

“So desperate, so pretty. What do you want?” Adam pushes away from the wall and stepping up behind Tommy. He squirms in his bindings desperately. Adam runs his hands along Tommy’s sides, pushes his hips into the small of Tommy’s back.


Tommy can feel Adam’s erection through the dark, sinfully tight jeans Adam is wearing, and it’s too much. He’s running on adrenaline now that the high has worn off completely. “Everything? Be more specific.” Adam sucks on the back of his neck lightly. Tommy could care less if a mark is left.

“You, please?”

Adam’s hands slide around Tommy’s torso until his fingers are at Tommy’s belt. The belt is gone in a matter of seconds and then the button of his jeans is popped, the zipper slid down, and finally his jeans are gone. With a nip to the neck, Adam slips a hand into Tommy’s briefs and wraps it around his half-hard cock. Tommy bucks into the touch, arms straining against the cuffs.

Fuck, you do want this.” Adam smiles into Tommy’s skin and uses his other hand to push the briefs off. Tommy kicks his clothes away, presses back into Adam’s crotch. Adam moans and gives Tommy’s cock a sharp tug. “Do you want down?”

Tommy nods once and keeps pressing back. He likes the sound of Adam losing control for those few seconds of pressure. Finally Adam reaches up with both hands and works at the cuffs. Before he can hit the ground an arm is around Tommy’s waist and he’s being turned around without a second to pick himself back up. His hands are forcefully plastered to the wall and his legs kicked apart. He tries to roll his shoulders to get the feeling back in them but Adam actually growls, predatory and low, in Tommy’s ear.

“Come on, then,” Tommy glances at Adam over his arm. He watches Adam unbutton his shirt the rest of the way, toss it aside. His boots and pants go next, landing in the pile that has created by a chair. As inch by inch of skin is revealed Tommy grows harder--painfully so--and he lets out a moan that doesn’t go unnoticed by Adam. He’s gorgeous and Tommy wants to be his forever.

Adam uses his quick speed to crowd Tommy against the wall, face down, his dick caught between them creating delicious friction if he moves just a fraction. He grips Tommy’s wrists, holds them to the wall, and touches his lips to Tommy’s ear. “Be a good boy, okay?” He kisses the shell of Tommy’s ear before stepping back enough to reach for his pants.

Tommy shuts his eyes and waits. He can hear Adam rummaging around behind him; feel his erection pressing into the small of his back. Then Adam is back and maneuvering Tommy in the position he wants: hands still to the wall, bent at the waist, legs spread far enough. For a moment Tommy panics but then he remembers that he was practically begging for this earlier and he comes to this place for the pleasure, too, not just the high. So maybe he shouldn’t complain so much.

Tommy has a moment of panic again when he looks over his shoulder and sees Adam rolling the bottle of lube between his hands. Then he wonders how Adam is ever going to warm it up since his kind are naturally cold, but the thought is gone as Adam pops open the small bottle and smirks, staring Tommy straight in the eye. He’s back, then, and he’s squeezing some of the gooey liquid out and it’s hitting Tommy’s skin, cold and sticky as it slides over his ass and down his thigh. Adam runs a finger through it, though, and suddenly his finger is there and it’s probing slowly at Tommy’s hole.

Tommy gasps at the suddenness of it but Adam is wiggling that finger in farther now and the feeling is slowly giving way to something else, something kind of odd. It feels foreign, definitely, but strange and kind of the best thing ever. He could laugh at himself right now but instead he focuses on the fact that Adam is adding another lubed finger and this time he pushes farther and deeper, hitting a spot inside that has Tommy seeing stars.

“Hold this for me,” Adam murmurs into Tommy’s ear and then turns Tommy’s hand over to place a condom to his palm. Tommy moans and screws his eyes shut. He pushes back, follows Adam’s fingers when they start to retreat. “So impatient.”

“Well fuck me already,” Tommy replies. The remark earns him a pinch on his side and it hurts a little but he only moans again and lets his head fall until his chin is nearly resting on his chest. His thighs are shaking from the effort of holding still for Adam and he wants that fullness back before he starts touching himself just to get off.

Adam is back with three fingers this time and Tommy almost bites a hole through his bottom lip. Adam twists his fingers, pulls them out and thrusts them back in, hitting that same spot over and over again, and Tommy thinks he could come without being touched at all. Adam leans over his body to grab the condom, rolls his hips to let Tommy feel how hard he is. The sound of the wrapper being ripped open is almost deafening in the room but Tommy figures that’s just his imagination going into overdrive.

Adam’s fingers are gone but not without one last brush against Tommy’s prostate. Tommy’s knees almost give out. Then he’s grabbing Tommy’s thighs and roughly pulling them even farther apart. “Breathe,” Adam whispers, lips brushing Tommy’s shoulder. Tommy blows his bangs out of his eyes and peeks over his shoulder. Adam looks at him, smirks, and then the head of his cock is pushing past the resisting ring of muscle.

Tommy’s entire body seizes up. He scrambles for purchase on the wall, finds nothing but rough stone. He shuts his eyes so tight that he sees white spots dancing in his vision. Eventually he must breathe so he tries to relax and urge Adam on. Adam kisses his shoulder, scrapes his teeth along smooth pale skin. Then he’s sliding in more. It burns and it hurts and Tommy almost wants it to stop but then he wouldn’t be getting what he really wants. Hands clenching against the wall, he takes Adam’s cock inch by slow inch, breathing in and out methodically until it’s finally over.

Adam stills once his hips are flush against Tommy’s ass. “Mmm, you okay?” he moans out, hips giving a little involuntary thrust. Tommy gasps on an exhale, nearly chokes on the inhale. He nods, finally, and tells Adam to move or do something because he’s dying here and needs Adam to move.

Adam is big, Tommy can tell that much, and the feeling of fullness is amazing. Adam slowly pulls out halfway and thrusts back in, shallow and not deep enough. He keeps going, pulling out more and more each time, and eventually the burning pain and stretch fades into an unbearable pleasure. “Fuck!” he moans sharply. Adam wraps an arm around Tommy’s waist to keep his hips in place and begins to thrust harder and deeper. His other hand grasps Tommy’s cock, hard and leaking against his belly. Where his thrusts are sharp and fast, his strokes are smooth, slow, and torturous.

Adam starts up a litany of curses. Tommy could laugh if he was in the position to laugh but he’s not so he settles for his own mantra of curses and moans while meeting Adam thrust for thrust. It’s a double sensation with Adam’s cock buried deep in his ass and Adam’s hand on his dick, and he could probably die from the waves of pleasure running through his system.

Tommy shifts, lets himself to be manhandled into a new position that allows the angles of Adam’s thrusts to change. With every slide in he’s hitting that spot and Tommy is seeing fireworks instead of stars. He can feel his impending fall over the edge as Adam’s thrusts lose their rhythm. Cool lips slide along Tommy’s neck; he knows what’s coming. One bite and he’s gone.

Adam yanks Tommy backwards, flush against his body. Tommy tips his back and to the side to rest on Adam’s collarbone, a clear invitation for what Adam wants. He smoothes his hands along Adam’s thighs until he’s gripping Adam’s ass and practically holding him inside, flexing his hole to keep him there. Adam’s moan is from deep down, loud, unyielding as he gives one shallow thrust and cums, at the same time sinking his teeth into Tommy’s neck.

Adam’s hand squeezes around Tommy’s cock and then Tommy’s cumming too, all over his belly and Adam’s fingers, body going taut like a bowstring while Adam milks him for all he’s worth and keeps drinking. Tommy slumps against Adam’s body, threads a hand through his sweaty hair, tugs to tell him to stop, that’s enough.

“Adam, stop.” He tugs on Adam’s hair again but Adam either doesn’t notice or doesn’t want to. He keeps going and going and Tommy knows that eventually he’ll be dead or unconscious.

What a way to go, he thinks as his eyes slip closed.


Once again Tommy finds himself in his own bed with sunlight pouring in through the window. His neck hurts like a bitch and so does his ass and…oh. This time he remembers it all instead of being left wondering what the hell happened to him. With a groan he manages to roll out of bed and stumble into the bathroom.

To his surprise there’s a post-it note attached to the mirror. A rhinestone horn necklace is hanging over the corner of the mirror. He plucks the note off the glass and reads it. “You won’t forget me this time. Come back tonight, I’ll be waiting. –Adam” He frowns but thinks the necklace must be from Adam. He does remember seeing it at some point last night before he passed out twice.

Tommy takes the necklace and examines it. It’s nice and shiny and definitely something he might wear to a party. With a shrug he puts the chain around his neck and stares at his reflection. The chain is cool against the dark bruises decorating both sides of his neck.

“Bastard,” he mutters to himself. He touches the bigger bruise, the one where Adam latched on and wouldn’t let go, and flinches. It might fade but not if he goes back; he knows he’ll have more and more.

Tommy goes back every night.

Title: What Is, and What Should Never Be (3/?)
Chapter Title: Don't Need You to Save Me
Author: elizabethfaye09
Rating: R
Summary: Dean glares at his brother, a sneer forming at the corners of his mouth. He's pacing, has been for a good ten minutes now, and Sam keeps staring.
Warnings: some dark elements, some angst, some other-worldly things. if that's not your cup of tea well i'm sorry. also i should probably mention that this is taking place august/september of 2011.
Author's Notes: i would like to start off by saying thank you to the very few people who left feedback/comments on the last part. very much appreciated :). sorry this one took so long. it's finals week for some people, including me, and it took a while to get back from the betas but of course i sent the chapter to them a week after i wanted to get it sent to them so i guess i shouldn't say anything haha. feedback is mucho appreciated! :)


Dean glares at his brother, a sneer forming at the corners of his mouth. He’s pacing, has been for a good ten minutes now, and Sam keeps staring at him.

“I’m just saying think about it, Dean!” Sam throws his hands up in the air. They’ve been having this argument for the past hour and Dean just won’t give in. “Why’d you have to go and lie to them anyway?”

“Because, Sammy! If we go around telling every person we see that there is somewhere safe to go then we’ll be out of a place to stay. Do you want that?” Dean huffs and stops pacing to face Sam fully.

Sam rolls his eyes. “It was two people, two, Dean.” Dean stalks off to the window covered by a dirty curtain. He looks out into the fading sky, his face falling at the sight of black smoke flying by fast. The five wisps land and take the shape of their latest victims. Dean tenses even though they are heading in the opposite direction.

“Dean, are you listening to me?”

Dean watches the figures walking away. He hears one of them laugh loudly in response to a mumbled statement from one of the others. He doesn’t relax until they are wavering in the heat of the last remains of daylight, then they’re gone and he can’t hear anymore laughter. He finally turns to Sam who’s huffing and puffing in annoyance, arms crossed over his chest and eyes narrowed in a glare.

“What, Sam?” Dean snaps before stomping off into the kitchen and slamming the door closed. He ignores Sam’s grumbles as best he can while trying to find something in the old refrigerator to eat. They have to have something left. He only manages to find half a block of cheese and some of those strange blueberries that sprout up everywhere despite the changes.

The door opens and closes, Sam sighs heavily in the small space of the room. “What do we got left?” he asks. Dean holds up the berries and cheese then tosses them to the small card table served as a place to eat and lay out plans when plans are needed to survive. The frown on Sam’s face resembles that of a puppy that has had its favorite toy taken away. But he tries to smile anyway and Dean doesn’t say anything about it, for once.

Outside, the horizon begins to fade.


As the day turns to night Adam starts to panic. He can barely see Kris several feet in front of him the darker it gets and things are starting to wake up. He can hear them. “Kris, we need t-“ He’s cut off by something forming in front of him.

“Oh look. Something new to play with.” A row of sharp teeth glint in the moonlight. Another figure steps up behind Adam, laughing low and quiet. The sound has Adam shivering in fear.

“Kris!” Adam shouts.

“Mmm, what’s the matter? Scared?” Cold fingers push through a hole in the back of his shirt and he flinches away, suddenly wishing that he was at home with Kris, spending the day lazing around the pool and doing nothing but relaxing. But even when he closes his eyes he isn’t there. He’s still here, in a world that isn’t alive anymore.

Before Adam can really comprehend what’s going on, a shot rings out. He jumps and takes the chance he has to run. The two figures, whatever they were, screech, and in an instant they’re gone, running fast into the vast openness of dry earth. He thumps into something, hard, loses his balance, and hits the ground, head knocking onto the ground too hard.

“Adam, are you okay?” Adam groans again at the sound of Kris’s voice. “Adam?”

Adam blinks, trying to ignore the growing throb in the back of his head. He must have hit it on something. Right now, though, he’s too dazed to figure out what. He holds a hand out and lets Kris help him to his feet. He sways slightly so he grabs onto Kris’s forearms for support. “I’m good,” he mutters.

“Hey is he okay?”

Adam continues to sway on his feet. He closes his eyes for a moment, and when he opens them Sam and Dean are standing there. “You two again!” Adam has to squint to see the glare Kris throws their way.

“Hey, hey now. Calm down shorty. We just saved ya’lls lives,” Dean says defensively.

“Thank you!” Adam lets go of Kris and manages to throw his arms around Dean’s neck and hug him tightly, a little delirious. Dean pushes him off, grumbling under his breath about the weirdo, and stomps off.

Sam huffs on behalf of his brother. “Sorry about him.” He shrugs. “Look, we just saved your lives. Be thankful.”

“Thanks,” Kris mumbles out. Adam nods his head but finds that it hurts to do so. He hisses in pain when the movement causes his headache to increase in intensity. “He’s hurt. Can you…can you do something for him?”

Adam doesn’t focus much on the conversation between Sam and Kris, and Dean adding in his sarcastic response now and then. Something about an abandoned house they have been staying in, food, first-aid kit, shelter. Adam only wants to get to safety before more of those things come back and he wants his head to stop pounding.



“We’re leaving. Sam and Dean have somewhere safe we can go,” Kris tells him. Adam only stumbles along with Kris, both of them trailing behind Sam and Dean, trying to keep up as best as possible.

The walk seems to take forever and when they finally step through a door into more darkness, Adam sighs in relief. Someone flips a switch and a tiny light comes on in a hallway. By now Adam can barely stand on his feet. The throbbing in his head is sharp, almost too painful to stand. He must’ve hit it harder than he thought. He holds onto Kris for dear life until he’s sitting on what he thinks is a couch.

“Oww,” he whines pitifully and falls to his side. He gently lays his head on a pillow that’s scratchy and a little uncomfortable.

“I’ll see what they got,” Kris tells him before leaving the room.

Adam shuts his eyes tightly and wills the pain to go away. But it won’t no matter how much he wants it to. So he thinks of other things. Happy things and funny things, and things that make him forget about the pain at least for a moment.


August, 2011

“Alright, Katy. Thanks for calling.” Kris sighs as he presses the end button on his phone.

“Everything okay?” Adam comes up behind him, a gentle hand coming to rest on Kris’s shoulder. Kris nods and sighs again, heavier, and leans into Adam for comfort.

“The baby is fine. It was a false alarm.” Kris turns and wraps his arms around Adam’s torso. It’s comfortable and familiar, and he breathes in deep before letting it out slowly.

After the divorce almost two years ago Katy went out and found herself a new man. Kris was jealous at first but they divorced for a reason. They were better off as friends, loving each other wasn’t enough anymore. Adam was the first thing Kris turned to. And now Katy is married with a nine month old baby. Ever since, even though Kris isn’t the father, he’s kept up with the baby’s health, constantly checking in, making sure. Adam’s been there by his side the entire time.

Like now.

“That’s great.” Adam slides his fingers through the hair on the back of Kris’s head and tugs lightly. Kris leans back and looks up at him, questioning. “Love you.” A small smile lights up Kris’s face and he presses a kiss to Adam’s chin before pulling away completely.

“Dinner’s getting cold,” Kris comments over his shoulder. He keeps going so Adam follows, stomach rumbling now that he really thinks about it. They got sidetracked with Katy’s phone call right before dinner and it took longer than expected. “Mexican isn’t that great when it’s not hot but we can heat it up.” Kris keeps talking, just babbling away.

Adam can see right through him. He’s still worried and he’s still wishing that he could’ve been there for Katy and the baby. He beats himself up over things like that all the time and sometimes Adam wishes he would just stop. “Kris,” he says softly and grabs the back of Kris’s shirt to stop him. Kris freezes and stops separating the quesadillas onto two plates. He’s too tense still.


“Lily is fine. You can stop worrying.” Adam pulls on Kris’s shirt until Kris is situated comfortably, his back to Adam’s chest.

Adam begins to hum a song he just finished working on for the second album. It’s a slow, sweet melody about a love that’s strong and beautiful, and he knows its Kris’s favorite even though Kris has only read the lyrics. Kris hums along and Adam is happy to glance down and see a smile spreading across Kris’s face. It feels cheesy even for them but he’ll do whatever he can to make Kris smile. Anything for that.

“Feel better?” he asks when the song is over. Kris sighs, content this time, and nods in reply.

“Thanks. Now how about that dinner?”


“Adam. Adam, wake up.”

The fingers running through his hair feels good. It’s soothing and has him feeling drowsy again in no time. He doesn’t want to open his eyes and face reality again. The nap he dozed off into was nice even though he probably shouldn’t have considering how hard he bumped his head but it was the closest to a nice sleep he was going to get for now.

Adam blinks rapidly against the bright lights overhead. “Ugh. Turn them off.” He points to the source and Kris chuckles above him.

“Can’t. Dean needs them to see.”

“See what?” Adam groans. He doesn’t want Dean poking or prodding at anything on his body.

“The lump on your head,” Dean answers as he comes into the room with a first-aid kit in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other. He hands the bottle to Kris who looks at, confused. “Helps dull the pain.” Dean rummages around in the kit and when he finishes he has a couple of bandages and what looks like a needle and thread.

“Oh, hey whoa! No needles!” Adam eyes the contents warily. Dean only shrugs and drags a chair over to the couch, saying they might come in handy. He sits and places the bandages and needle on the worn down side table before ordering Adam to drink up. “This is ridiculous,” Adam grumbles but takes the whiskey anyway and drinks some. He winces at the slight burn.

“Now you need to turn over so I can see where you hit your head.”

Adam glares and does as he’s told. Kris keeps petting his hair to soothe him while Dean starts poking with a finger. Adam makes a noise of protest and jerks away. Dean keeps on. “Pretty big cut there. Sure you hit it on the ground?” Adam hears the ripping of a package and another bottle of liquid sloshing around behind him. It ends up being peroxide and it hurts when Dean presses a soaked bandage to the cut to clean it.

Dean finally finishes bandaging Adam up, Adam throwing curses around at every twinge of pain. Dean leaves pissed off more than he was earlier but Adam could care less. He isn’t too fond of the guy. He doesn’t move back around; keeps his face pushed into Kris’s stomach and breathes.

“You okay?” Kris asks after a few moments of silence. When Adam says nothing Kris asks again.

“I’m sorry,” Adam says suddenly. He turns onto his back so he can look up at Kris and finds Kris staring at him.

“For what?” Those fingers are back in his hair, careful not to touch the bandage or the area around it. Adam sighs.

“I shouldn’t have pushed you so much. I understand that you don’t want to talk. It’s a really shitty situation to talk about an-“ Kris stops him from talking by leaning over and pressing a kiss to Adam’s lips.

“I’m the one that should be sorry.” Kris stops running his fingers through Adam’s hair and Adam protests quietly so Kris threads them back through. “I just…I still don’t want to believe all of this is really happening. I’m worried to death about my family, your family, worried about everyone. It really sucks that there’s nothing we can do ‘cause we’re in the same boat.” He shrugs and looks away from Adam.

“Hey,” Adam sits up, wincing slightly. He places a hand on Kris’s cheek; rubs his thumb in small circles until Kris looks at him finally. “It’s okay. We don’t have to talk about it. Let’s just get through it first.” He attempts to smile only it comes across as more of a grimace.

Kris does smile, though, and it has Adam feeling lighter and happier than he’s felt in a while. It feels good.

Dec. 9th, 2009

Title: Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Take What You Need)
Author: elizabethfaye09
Rating: R
Disclaimer: LIES I TELL YOU! LIES!
Warnings: um, vampire stuff? and some boy touching? yeah.
Summary: "To say it's merely for satisfaction is the understatement of the year."
Author's Notes: this is my first attempt at lambliff. be gentle. i've had a newfound love for lambliff. it took me a little bit to get warmed up to them haha. zeeransom123 asked me once if i would write some lambliff fic. and now that i'm actually loving lambliff i decided to write some! i hope it's at least okay. i can do better but this is my first for this fandom and yeah imma shut up now. :)


To say it’s merely for satisfaction is the understatement of the year.

It’s more of a need, a desire, stronger than an addiction. Something he can’t really explain to others…or himself, really. He just knows that it hurts when he can’t have it. It aches deep down inside when the withdrawal starts because he’s been away for too long.

That’s why Tommy finds himself back in the club every Friday night, at least. The place is underground, dark, and secret except to those that find themselves thrown into the hype by accident. He found it by accident, too, and he never really remembered much after that. All he could remember was where he was before it happened and then he’s blank on the details. He’s never understood how they do it, just that they do when they want to, and he’s never really minded it much.

As long as he gets his fix.

Tommy scans the room, looking for an open spot, and when he sees one he hurries over before someone else can get it. His usual is there, waiting, sharp teeth gleaming in the neon lights of the place as she smiles. He can already feel the want and the desire itching underneath his skin. It almost hurts with how much he wants it. He doesn’t say anything as he settles himself into the plush chair, waits.

“Good to see you again,” she drawls in a thick accent, Spanish maybe. He’s never taken the time to notice much.

Tommy sighs when the cuffs attached to the wall above are locked around his wrist and his ankles are cuffed to the floor. He tugs his wrists once, smirks at how tight they are, and then gives her the go ahead. She smiles, too sweet, before planting herself in his lap, hands taking his face and tilting his head to the side.

“Ready or not,” she whispers. Then, in one swift motion, her teeth are sinking into the dip between neck and collar-bone.

The sensations are wonderful. They’re sexy and powerful, making him moan and arch underneath her. Strong hands hold him down along with the cuffs and chains, and he huffs in frustration. This isn’t supposed to be about power. It’s supposed to be about feeling good.

Tommy lets her continue though, never stops her until he feels like passing out. Even then she draws one last good hit before sitting back and wiping her mouth, grinning like the cat that caught the canary. Right as he’s about to say something a door slams against a wall. His muscles feel like jello as he turns his attention to the front of the room where the vampires and humans are all splitting like the red sea.

“He’s here.”

Tommy’s eyes widen at the sight. Tall, dark-haired, pale. Powerful. It must be the one they all talk about, the leader of the pack. He’s moving gracefully through the room, an evil smile on his face, and Tommy sees the same sharp set of teeth all the others have. Icy eyes land on Tommy and Tommy suddenly feels awkward staring like this. He shifts his gaze to the floor; some of the feeling coming back to his muscles as if the sight of something like that sobered him up.

A hand through the air and then, “Carry on,” before disappearing through the crowded bar. Tommy barely notices as his usual settles back into his lap and latches back on.


It’s an hour later, when Tommy is all strung out and boneless and high, that he comes back. The crowd once again parts for him but this time he doesn’t leave for the door. Instead he’s heading Tommy’s way. If Tommy weren’t so high on vampire drugs he’d probably be jumping up and bowing down to the guy’s feet or something.

Tommy smiles all dopey and high until his cuffs are being unlocked and he’s dragged to his feet very ungracefully. He stumbles along, mumbled protests falling on deaf ears. A glare is sent his way and he shuts up until he’s finally let go. The door he’s standing in front of is glittery and sparkly, making him blink rapidly at how bright it is.

“Come in,” he says in a sweet voice.

Tommy stands there swaying but he can feel the high already starting to wear off. A hand takes him by the wrist and pulls him inside the room. It’s cold in there and smells weirdly like scented candles. He scrunches his nose up while he looks around. No bed, just cuffs hanging all along one wall, what looks like a mini-bar in one corner, things he can’t really explain.

“Who are you?” Tommy slurs out. He stumbles when the hand around his wrist lets go.

“I’m Adam,” he gets as a reply.

Tommy nods. A moment later a pair of cold lips are pressing against the bite on his skin. He jumps, startled, but Adam soothes the bite with his tongue, eyeing him with an intensity Tommy hasn’t seen since he found this place. “Do you want it?” Adam asks quietly.

Adam’s hands start to travel and Tommy closes his eyes. He’s sobering up again, wanting more, so he nods and keeps his eyes closed. Cold fingers press underneath his shirt before lifting it up and off. Those hands return and Tommy shivers, moaning softly. He can feel himself growing hard in his jeans and he wants them off, wants this to go faster.

Pick up the pace, he thinks idly.

As if reading his thoughts Adam murmurs “If you want,” and he’s dipping down low, lips sliding along hot skin until he’s on his knees. Tommy sighs when the button on his jeans pops open and the zipper is slid town too slowly.

“Shouldn’t I be doing this to you?” Tommy’s eyes fly open after realizing what he’s said. This guy is obviously the leader of the pack, the one the others follow around like lost little puppies, so why is Tommy questioning anything he does; he’d be stupid to provoke Adam, even if he doesn’t know Adam. One wrong move and you’re gone. “S-sorry,” Tommy stutters.

Adam doesn’t say anything back. He yanks on Tommy’s jeans and they pool to the floor. Tommy steps out of them, kicking them aside so they’re out of the way. Adam’s hands grip his hips tightly as he presses a kiss to Tommy’s stomach.

“This might hurt a bit.”

“Wha-“ Tommy gasps as sharp teeth drag along his hip before sinking in. They stay there long enough for Tommy to feel lightheaded and woozy, and then Adam is pulling back and grabbing Tommy’s briefs with his teeth and ripping. He’s mildly shocked but he’s positively aching now and he doesn’t care about underwear at the moment. “Oh, fuck me,” he mutters, hands falling to Adam’s shoulders and holding on.

Blue eyes flash up to meet Tommy’s hooded gaze briefly. Adam smirks, mouths over the mark, then licks a hot stripe up the underside of Tommy’s cock. Tommy gasps at the sensation, bowing over and gripping onto Adam’s shoulders like his life depends on it. Strong hands slide around his thighs and then they’re moving across the room, Adam on his knees, Tommy stumbling along, until he’s against a wall and Adam has better leverage.

Adam grips Tommy by the backs of the thighs and juts his hips forward. Tommy’s cock slides in nice and smooth and Adam hums in satisfaction. Tommy groans loudly, squeezing his eyes shut as Adam continues to hum, the vibrations only increasing the pleasure. He can feel the tiny points of Adam’s teeth gliding along, too, and it feels good.

Adam works him until he’s banging his head against the wall, gritting his teeth tightly because he can’t come, Adam won’t let him yet, and it’s killing him. Much to Tommy’s dismay Adam pulls off right when he’s on the edge, ready and absolutely dying from being held back. “Come on,” Tommy pushes out and winds a hand through Adam’s perfectly styled hair.

Adam says nothing once again; merely shoots Tommy a look before leaving a trail of wet kisses along Tommy’s body until he’s standing. “Hold still,” Adam whispers. Tommy wants to ask why but before he can Adam is sucking a hickey into his neck for everyone to see. He slides a hand down leaving a burning path and wraps his fingers around Tommy’s cock.

He squeezes and then Tommy can feel his mouth opening wide, points of his teeth pricking Tommy’s skin. “You won’t remember this in the morning.” Adam is looking at Tommy as he says it. Tommy can see the intensity there and he almost says something but he’s cut off by a tug to his dick. His eyes flutter closed.

Then, before he can comprehend that all of this is really happening, Adam’s teeth are sinking deep into his neck. He comes almost immediately. Adam doesn’t stop though. He keeps going and Tommy is starting to get a little woozy, still on a high from orgasm, breath coming in short gasps. Consciousness is evading him and he can’t seem to keep his eyes open now.

“You won’t remember.”

The words ring in his head as he slumps against the wall, his entire body going numb.


The sun is rising and the brightness of it coming through the window makes his head pound. Groaning, he shoves a pillow over his head and focuses on something that isn’t the headache he has. He starts to think about last night, going to the club, getting strung out, and then…nothing. He doesn’t remember anything but there’s a feeling nagging at the back of his mind that he should remember. Something happened after his usual but he just can’t.

Sighing he decides to get up. The sunlight still hurts but he squints against it and heads for the bathroom. When he sees himself in the mirror his eyes go wide. He’s paler than usual, eyeliner standing out in stark relief against the paleness. There’s a pretty big bruise forming above his collarbone and when he touches it, it stings. He can see the holes barely there and still fading. His eyes are drawn to his neck where there is nothing marring the skin. Yet he feels a tug at his mind telling him he should remember something.

Tommy lets it go after staring for a few good minutes. He washes up, throws on some clean clothes, and starts his day. He doesn’t think about last night anymore.

But when he’s walking the streets late that afternoon and sees the door to the club opening, a tall, dark-haired figure stepping out he starts to think again. He doesn’t recognize the guy much at all. Tommy stares like he’s another club-goer and lets the thoughts nag at his mind until he’s ready to scream. The guy smiles, showing off his set of teeth, says hello as he passes.

Tommy keeps walking, thoughts never leaving his mind.

Title: What Is, and What Should Never Be (2/?)
Chapter Title: What Is
Author: elizabethfaye09
Rating: R
Disclaimer: i own none of this!
Summary: "We can't ignore this!" Adam cries, defiant and stubborn as always. "Let's be realistic here, Kris!"
Author's Notes: i'm a little nervous about this chapter. at first i was happy about it but after sending it through the betas some "confusing" things were pointed out and it made me a little nervous. i've tweaked and i've rewrote and reworked, and i just really hope that the point i'm trying to get across in this chapter makes sense and what not. also, i'll be doing "flashbacks" and those will be big section written in italics. and i really appreciate the comments on the first part. thanks so much! :)
Betas: blaqkheaven , dirtysdead , and fasciculations


As the day goes on Kris feels like he’s going to collapse and just pass out. He’s tired, hungry, and more than a little bit cranky. The sun is hot overhead, too hot, and he wishes that the clouds didn’t disappear when things got crazy. He keeps stumbling over rocks and cracks in the ground but Adam is there by his side to keep him up.

“There has to be food somewhere,” Kris comments pitifully. He looks up at Adam with puppy dog eyes and Adam’s frown deepens. He stops walking and sits on a nearby rock, kicking at the dirt with his beat up Chuck Taylor’s.

“Maybe we can find those guys again. They had to be lying, there has to be somewhere to go.” Adam sits next to Kris, a hand on his shoulder. He squeezes gently, once, and Kris shudders out a sigh. “Everything couldn’t have been completely destroyed. I don’t believe it. We’re in California for fuck’s sake! Millions of people and buildings couldn’t be gone just like that.”

Kris wants to believe Adam, he really does, but he can’t seem to do it. Everything about the situation at hand screams wrong, wrong, wrong and he seems to be the only one right now thinking logically, or maybe he’s not thinking logically. The world ended and then came back destroyed. There can’t be much left but what came out of the ground and what broke through the sky that night. He’s not even sure they are in California anymore.

“Adam, think about it,” Kris starts. He shrugs Adam’s hand off his shoulder, ignores the hurt expression that crosses Adam’s dirt-smudged face. “Things that aren’t even supposed to exist came out of the sky and out of the ground. The ground and the sky, Adam! What does that? It’s not normal! How can you even be sure we’re in California anymore?! Things like that don’t just happen!”

By the end he’s breathing heavily and even more frustrated than before. If he could just curl up under that rock and die right now, he would. But Adam is shaking his head and standing before Kris defiantly. Kris steps back, turns on his heel, and starts walking again. Even if he’s sure that his stomach is eating itself and that he’s exhausted from walking for almost a week and he’s scared out of his mind, he’ll keep going.

“Kristopher!” Adam shouts. Kris keeps on walking until he’s several feet ahead of Adam and he continues to ignore Adam’s shouts of protest.

It doesn’t take long for Adam to catch up. When he does Kris only walks faster and pointedly ignores him some more. “I don’t want to talk right now, Adam.” He keeps his eyes on the ground as he walks.

“Why?!” Adam explodes. He hurries in front of Kris and grabs him by the front of the shirt. Kris nearly falls but regains his balance and pushes Adam’s hand away. “We have to talk about what’s happening sometime, Kris. It isn’t gonna disappear and talking it out will help. We just…we have to figure this out sometime. It’s been a week.”

Kris huffs, “No, we don’t,” and shoves as hard as he can. Adam stumbles backwards, shock clear on his face. Kris hides his surprise well, a little shocked himself that he did that, and marches forward once more.

“We can’t ignore this!” Adam cries, defiant and stubborn as always. “Let’s be realistic here, Kris!”

Kris keeps walking.


One Week Earlier

The news around town was all about Adam Lambert this, Adam Lambert that. After the American Music Awards performance he became the talk of the town and the target of negativity. But he brushed it off with grace and poise in interview after interview. He had a newly released album to worry about, not what all the stuck up reporters were saying about him this time.

Another red carpet even is coming up. A movie premier that he’s wanted to attend since the commercials started three or so weeks ago. He figured out the suit to wear, the way to style his hair, everything was in place and ready. He just didn’t expect things to go wrong so soon.

“Your tie is fine,” Kris laughs as he finishes tying his own. Adam rolls his eyes and messes with the leather tie again. “Adam, stop.” Adam smirks at Kris through the mirror. Kris sighs and steps over to Adam, batting his hands away.

“Aww you take such good care of me, Kristopher,” Adam jokes. He notices Kris trying to hide the smile on his face and eventually Kris can’t hold it in any longer. He breaks out into a grin, tugging on Adam’s tie once before letting it go and smoothing out the lapels of Adam’s jacket.

“Good to know,” Kris mutters, a blush creeping into his cheeks. “Are you ready to go now?”

Adam smiles, a predatory tilt to the corners, and backs Kris into the wall. “Not quite,” he whispers before cupping Kris’s flushed cheeks and pressing their lips together. He tilts Kris’s face at just the right angle and pushes a knee between his thighs.

“You’ll be late,” Kris murmurs. But Adam doesn’t care if he’s late to the movie premier. He’s been late to pretty much every red carpet event he’s gotten to attend since Idol, so why not add another to the list? Fingers grip in his hair and he kisses Kris again.

Adam presses his knee up into Kris’s crotch, loving the huff Kris lets out as he tries to get more. He mouths along Kris’s jaw line, nipping here and there and soothing the marks with his tongue. He slides a hand down, cupping Kris through his jeans before quickly releasing the button and undoing the zipper half-way. Kris is already a shuddering mess and Adam loves it. “We’ve got plenty of time,” he mutters into Kris’s neck before leaving a kiss there and pulling back.

When Adam steps back Kris follows, hands reaching for the buttons on Adam’s nice, white button-up, but Adam grabs those hands and tugs until Kris is flush against him. Kris moans softly. He slides his hands under Adam’s jacket, up to his shoulders, and keeps going until the jacket is falling down Adam’s arms and off to the floor.

“You sure we got time?” Kris asks, already working on the tie Adam had fussed over profusely. Adam nods and smiles brightly. He stops Kris from undoing the tie, muttering something about there’s no need to remove it, and sits on the edge of the bed. When he does he hits the television remote.

The screen flickers onto the news channel they had been watching earlier. A news reporter is on, screams overshadowing her voice, the sky above her a dark purple and mass of blue electric flashing lights. The mood in the room deflates quickly. Adam sighs heavily as Kris crawls off his lap and onto the bed beside him.

“I wonder when it will all end,” Kris wonders out loud and rests his chin on Adam’s shoulder.

The reporter tries to go on but eventually the camera cuts to the news headquarters where the others are sitting behind a desk, faces grim. Adam cuts it off then. He tosses the remote to the other side of the bed. He’s silent and so is Kris, the same thoughts running through their minds. Kris sighs and tucks himself into Adam’s side, the spot he’s fit into since day one.

“Everything will be fine,” Adam says confidently. He stands and fixes his tie while Kris scoots off the bed and does up his jeans. “What time is the interview again?”

Kris shrugs like it doesn’t really matter that much. “Supposed to start at seven, they said it could change but to be there a little before.” Adam nods once then sticks his hand out for Kris to take.

Adam grabs his jacket, cell, and keys on the way out of the bedroom with Kris in tow. They hurry down the stairs when Adam sees the time on his phone, cursing loudly, and Adam takes one last glance around the foyer to make sure he has everything he needs to get through the night without Kris by his side. Once he’s sure he flings open the front door.

Outside, lying on the sidewalk with a black cloud hovering above is his driver. Kris jumps at the sight and Adam stumbles back to the door. Swirling in the air, the cloud seems harmless but they both know that’s not so. The news tells differently. After another moment of hovering the cloud slithers into a thin line, forces open the driver’s mouth, and slides in long and slow. He jerks on the ground then goes still and stands.

Adam doesn’t know what to think when his driver faces him and Kris without so much as a smile or a nod. He stares, no blinking, and then he’s walking through the open security gate and down the street. Adam, shocked, turns to Kris who’s dialing 911 fast. But Adam stops him and Kris doesn’t protest.

And then, in the midst of the shock and confusion at what they witnessed, the ground shakes and the sidewalk cracks between their feet.


Eventually, Kris finds a little grove of bushes that seem to have made it through the unending heat during the day and the cold during the night. In the grove is a bush full of blueberries and it feels wrong, somehow, that these berries would be there despite what’s going on but he grabs a handful anyway and eats them. They taste good and settle his stomach enough that he can stand it.

Adam comes up behind him, glances at him briefly before grabbing himself a handful of berries. They don’t speak but Kris knows they have to at some point. Adam is right, after all. They can’t ignore this. He can’t ignore this. He keeps his focus on the berries, though, and tries not to worry about why the little grove was left and everything else wasn’t, and why it is so strange for the berries to be here even though stranger things have been happening for a week now.

Kris has his fill of the berries. He picks up walking again with Adam trailing behind like a lost puppy that just wants attention. He feels sorry for Adam and he feels bad that he won’t talk to Adam, but most of all he’s scared that this –this ridiculous cranky attitude of his about everything right now- might break them in the long run. Like this huge, cataclysmic event that happened didn’t already tear them apart for a brief moment in time only to bring them back together eventually. He’s scared in general and he needs Adam so they can get through this but…but things aren’t right. He wants it all to disappear, so they don’t have to talk about it. There shouldn’t be anything to talk about.

What if we don’t get through this? Kris tries to push the thought as far away as possible. It’s not happening. He hasn’t stopped thinking these dangerous thoughts for a couple of days now, when the food started to become less and less and the shelter became few and far between. What if I lose Adam in all of this? What if I lose myself in all of this?

“Kris,” Adam says sadly. Kris stops walking this time and turns around to finally face Adam for the first time in three or so hours. “Please.” Adam’s normally happy eyes are sad now. Kris can see the bags under them and he can see the smudged eyeliner that hasn’t been wiped off all the way. His freckles are covered by dirt but Kris can still spot his favorite on Adam’s top lip.

“I don’t want to talk about it, Adam. Isn’t it bad enough that we had to go through it? And now you want to talk about it?” Kris has tears pooling in his eyes so he wipes them away stubbornly. “Just…please, Adam. Let’s just try to survive right now, okay? Then we’ll talk.”

Adam blinks past his own tears and his shoulders sag, his entire posture falling into one of defeat and exhaustion. Kris almost wants to run over and hug him tightly. Something is holding him back. He has a nagging feeling in the back of his mind-something besides those thoughts that keep flitting through-and it doesn’t feel good; an itch he can’t scratch. It’s telling him to wait, to survive, to keep going, so he does. If Adam doesn’t want to follow that’s his own problem.

“Maybe we can f-“ Kris cuts him off sharply.

“Shut up, Adam. I said I don’t want to talk.”

If the tears that finally spill onto Adam’s dirty cheeks fail to makes Kris’s heart ache, even just a bit, he doesn’t notice much. He’ll blame it on the lack of food and water, the lack of shelter and clean clothing, and the lack of normalcy. Right now he wants to keep going. He wants to survive.

Kris doesn’t look back as he walks away from Adam.

Nov. 28th, 2009

Title: What Is, and What Should Never Be (1/?)
Chapter Title: Shelter
Author: elizabethfaye09
Rating: R overall
Summary: "It's almost dark, Kris. What are we supposed to do?" Adam chews on his bottom lip nervously as he waits for Kris's answer.
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING.
Warnings: an AU of sorts. SUPERNATURAL/KRADAM CROSSOVER. some angst, some dark elements (later on).
Author's Notes: i'm excited about this. i know i had that one superkradam fic going on and i ended it but this one i'm actually excited about. sooooo i hope you enjoy. also, it's okay if you don't follow the show supernatural, you don't really hafta to know anything that's going on with the show to really follow this. hopefully it's explained enough :) hope you enjoy and comments are greatly appreciated! :)
Betas: dirtysdead , fasciculations , and blaqkheaven thanks lovelies! :)


The land is barren and desolate. What used to be a field of green grass and pretty flowers is now charred, dry earth, broken and cracked. Dust fills the air with every gust of wind and Adam has to shove a hand through his hair keep it from flying in his face. He stands there staring at the fading sun on the horizon, wondering just how in the hell they are going to survive the night this time with no shelter close by.

“Adam,” Kris mumbles and tugs on the torn sleeve of what was once a pristine white dress shirt, now torn and dirtied. He stumbles but Adam catches him. He’s hungry, they both are, but they can’t find anything this late in the day when the sun is sinking and the air is getting colder. They have to think about finding somewhere to sleep first or else…

“It’s almost dark, Kris. What are we supposed to do?” Adam chews on his bottom lip nervously as he waits for Kris’s answer. Kris has always been the most logical one when it comes to this kind of situation. His hand drops to his side, his fingers brushing against Kris’s shaking ones. Kris shrugs and looks up at Adam with a helpless expression. “Come on.” Adam twines their fingers together and tugs once, and Kris follows.

They continue to walk until their feet hurt more and their throats are as dry as the earth they are on. It is dark out now; the wind blowing is freezing cold. But they are not alone. The howls started an hour ago and the growling behind them has grown until they can’t stand it. Adam is the first one to break into a run. Kris isn’t far behind, still holding his hand. Adam keeps up a constant mantra of “Come on, come on, come on….” while searching for some form of shelter or a hiding place or something. He’ll take anything at this point, anything to get away.

“Adam, over there!” Adam sees Kris pointing ahead and a little to the right. A cave, little but big enough for them, and it will protect them. Only a few more feet and they’re safe for the night.

Adam shoves Kris into the open space first then crawls in himself. The space is crowded, they’re practically in each other’s laps, but the sound of pounding feet and growling that was behind them passes as if the two of them were never on the run anyway. Once the noises are gone, Adam breathes out a sigh of relief. He reaches out to Kris who’s shaking and Adam can hear his stomach rumble.

“What was it this time?” Kris asks in a whisper.

“Sounded like, um, werewolves…maybe,” Adam answers. He shrugs. Kris pushes his face into Adam’s neck and lets out a shaky sigh, curling up tighter next to him for some kind of warmth.

“We gotta find food, Adam,” Kris points out.

Adam nods, “I know. Can you last till morning?” Adam knows it’s a crazy question but they can’t go out now. It’s too dark and there are other things out, too, that could hurt them.

“Maybe.” Kris relaxes against Adam but doesn’t say anything else.

“Don’t say that. You’ll be fine.” Adam closes his eyes, the exhaustion creeping in and taking over. “We will be fine.”

Kris is sleeping before long and Adam follows soon after, only one thought on his mind.

We gotta get through this.


Early the next morning Adam is awakened by dust flying in his face. He jumps, coughing at the onslaught of dirt in his mouth and nose. He starts to wake Kris but Kris isn’t pressed to his side anymore. “Kris?” He waves a hand through the dust to clear it and crawls out of the cave. The moment he’s out he’s being hauled to his feet by the collar of his shirt. He struggles to get his balance though he doesn’t have much time before he’s being pushed against the rock wall that was their shelter.

“Who are you?”

Adam splutters through an answer. “Adam Lambert.” Whoever’s holding him relaxes his grip a bit. “Where’s Kris?” He pushes the person away. They curse and grumble but don’t pin him back to the rock.

Finally his eyes land on Kris, hands behind his back, on the ground and kicking.

“Sam, untie him!”

Adam does a once over on whoever grabbed him. Maybe six feet, scruffy brown hair, five o’ clock shadow, dirty clothes. “What’s your name?” he asks.

“Doesn’t really matter,” he answers then motions to the other guy-Sam-and starts to walk off.

Adam watches them walk away as Kris stumbles to his feet and comes over. “Hey, wait! Wait!” Adam starts to shout. Sam turns around and stops the other one, pointing.


“Can you…can you take us somewhere safe?” Adam doesn’t really care if his voice sounds kind of weak and pathetic. He just wants some food and some water and shelter for himself and Kris. He just wants to be safe.

They turn away from Adam and Kris, mumbling to each other. Adam faintly hears the name Dean and wonders if that’s the other guy. A minute later Sam turns back to them. “Dean here doesn’t think it’s, uh, he doesn’t think you should come with us.” Sam shrugs one shoulder, the expression on his face one of pity. “Sorry.”

“No,” Dean interrupts and pushes Sam out of the way earning him an indignant protest. “What Sammy here means is hell no. There is nowhere safe to go. Nowhere. So you can take your little scruffy boyfriend here and keep walkin’. Got it?” Without waiting for an answer Dean grabs Sam by the jacket and hauls him along.

Adam watches, tears pooling in his eyes. He wipes them away angrily. “Let’s go, Kris.” Adam turns his attention to Kris only to find him picking up a good sized rock and pulling his arm back to throw. “Kris!” Adam grabs Kris’s arm but Kris snatches it away and chucks the rock at Dean.

The rock hits Dean on the thigh, bouncing to the ground with a thud. Dean stiffens slightly before whirling around angrily. Sam has to hold him back by the wrist and yanks him sharply. Dean shoots Sam a glare and tells him to let go.

“What the hell was that for?!” Dean shouts.

“Why won’t you help us?” Kris shouts right back. He picks up another rock but this time Adam gets it before it can be thrown and tosses it behind him.

“Look kid, there’s no where safe to go! There’s no one that wants to help because they’re too fucked up and worried about themselves!” Dean comes at Kris fast and takes him by the front of the shirt. Kris’s toes brush the ground. “We can’t help you.”

“I don’t believe that,” Kris argues.

“That’s too bad, kid.” Dean puts Kris down and Kris stumbles into Adam’s chest. Adam steadies Kris on his feet as he straightens his shirt out. Dean, smirking, walks away.

Kris, a little angry and a little upset, stomps the ground. “Fine!” he huffs.

Sam looks at them and mutters an apology. Dean shouts for Sam to come on then glances over his shoulder at the two of them.

With a dry, humorless laugh, he gives them a wave and his back.

“Welcome to the apocalypse.”

Title: Cry (2/4)
Author: me
Rating: pg-13
Summary: "I do it again and this time you kind of crumble in on yourself and there’s a loud sniffle like you’re trying to hide the fact that you’re crying."
Disclaimer: i own none of thisss
Author's Notes: so yes this turned into a 4 part series. the first part is linked below! thanks for the love on the first one. comments are GREATLY appreciated. (idk why it bolded i tried taking it off but it wouldn't work. sorry if it's hard to read) PS-idk how long it will be before the 3rd part is up. ill be a little busy this weekend so maybe saturday night maybe sunday night. no later HOPEFULLY. :)

ONLY ONE (1/4): http://community.livejournal.com/kradam_ai/748598.html#cutid1

CryCollapse )

title: only one
author: me
rating: pg-13
summary: "you're leaving me again, today."
dislcaimer: i own none of this.
author's notes:NOW OPEN.

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